Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December tales from Toby

Toby on stage at CHIMO speaking engagement Dec 1 2009

Check out the Edmonton Journal – if you can answer the questions (Toby is featured in question number 6), you may win a Christmas shopping money!


Charmaine is in the middle of writing the book On Toby’s Terms-a story of life, love and purpose. Published by Bettie Youngs Books (www.BettieYoungsBooks.com) On Toby's Terms- a story of life, love and purpose, will be in bookstores everywhere, Fall 2010

Toby excelled in his inaugural presentation with Charmaine- Working with Purpose on December 1/09. To a small audience, Charmaine and Toby presented together. What a team- Toby was well behaved, curious and jovial as Charmaine presented her learnings from Toby about Working with Purpose. Watch for the January schedule of Charmaine and Toby’s Working With Purpose Series. Interested in finding out more? Email Christopher at chris.alcock@hammondgroup.biz.