Monday, October 18, 2010

There’s always a first time

This past weekend I had another great book-signing at Chapters Strathcona in Edmonton. It was my first time to this bookstore. I was quite intrigued by the escalator and stepped on with confidence until the stairs started to move. Whoa! What’s with this? Moving stairs?
After Christopher took me up and down several times I was a pro. What a great lesson that there is always a first for everything, but only once. With a little practice and repetition, you can become a pro.
What will you try this week for the first time? How can you help someone step into something new for the first time? Just like Christopher held my leash firmly and I knew I was supported, you can do that for someone else.
Have a PAWsitive week and great success to any first times you have this week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From the mouth of babes

Kids say the funniest things. This week at the booksigning I was visiting with a little girl in a stroller, I was curious about her new book that she was looking at. I thought it might have been a toy for me. Charmaine said “Toby loves two things---Children, and treats.”
Without missing a beat, the little girl said “Does Toby eat the children too?”

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friendship is?

Tonight the doorbell rang, and I tore down the stairs because I heard the giggling from the two little girls on our block. Charmaine opened the door and they asked for Chris. Smiling they said “Can Chris come out and pull us on our skateboards?” I ran to get my kong because I knew this could be fun for me. Into the garage Chris went searching for a tow rope, and we all ventured outside. What I was reminded of tonight is that friendship is ageless! Here we are having fun, two legged and four legged friends.
Cherish your friends, and let them know that they make a PAWsitive difference in your life!
Toby the dog