Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being A Published Author

The 5 Advantages of Being A Published Author
By Maribel Jimenez & Keith Leon

1. Credibility – By becoming a published author in an area that you are familiar with, you have now positioned yourself as an expert in your field. You’ve taken the time to provide valuable information on a topic that others’ could benefit from so you will be looked at as a resource.

Having credibility means you have gained belief by others in your subject area that can sometimes take years to build.

2. Respect – You are the one who actually DID write a book, instead of the one who said they were going to write a book and never did. You have now identified yourself as a doer instead of being a talker or a dreamer.

A level of respect is gained by doing something that others may have only dreamed of doing. As mentioned earlier in this book, only .01% of those who say they want to write a book, actually do it.

3. Clients – You will attract many more clients than ever before. Being an expert in your field opens up many more possibilities to get your name out there (such as being a guest on radio shows, TV, Webinars and teleseminars).

The quality of clients will be better because you have now positioned yourself as the expert, which also allows you to charge more for your services. Because you have positioned yourself as an expert, your clients will no longer be trying to get you to discount your valuable services.

With a book, your message gets into so many others hands than you could possibly try to talk to one at a time. Potential clients have an opportunity to get to know you, what you are about and whether they want to learn more from you all before they have ever even met you.

4. Raving Fans – There is nothing more satisfying than when you have someone in front of you sharing how your book touched their life, or you receive an email or letter from a raving fan of yours. Your book is going to help someone get to where they always wanted to be and they are going to be grateful to you.

5. Testimonials – Once you receive these stories from people whose life you helped change for the better, now you have testimonials for your website, articles, proposals, bio and for your next book. Anytime a person shares how you have helped them, you can ask them to put it in writing so that you can share their inspiring story with others. It’s a win/win/win for everyone.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

A picture really does say 1000 words

Last week I was a star with children of all ages at the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair 2011 in Edmonton.

I bet I was cuddled, petted and hugged by at least 700 children, and many parents too! Nothing was more exciting for a fun loving dog than to look out into the audience and see hundreds of children, toys, balloons, candy, stuffed animals and smiling faces looking back at me!

A little boy named Liam stopped by our booth for a Toby cuddle and as he was leaving I saw him show his mom the picture that Christopher gave him to remember me. As he looked back holding the picture in his hand he said “Mommy! Now I don’t have to miss Toby anymore!”

A picture does really say 1000 words.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This past week we celebrated being Number 1 on! Thanks to everyone for their support and PAWsome interest in my book On Toby’s Terms!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toby presents at Mom and Tots Fair Edmonton

Guess Where Toby is going to be March 11 & 12? At the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair in Edmonton. Hope you can come and visit us at our booth. I’ll be giving visitors a special pawdograph!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Toby Goes to School

I LOVE going to School! I don’t mean dog school, I mean elementary school. There is nothing like watching the expressions of children entering the gym or library and seeing me, Toby the dog, smiling back at them. Their response is PAWsome – I hear gleeful comments “A Dog!” or “Ah, he’s so cute!” or “That’s Toby!”
One of my most memorable greetings was when I arrived at a school at recess time. One little girl dressed in her pink snow suit, pink hat and pink boots, came to the fence and shouted “Toby’s Here!” with that, some 75 other students ran to the fence to greet me. Talk about feeling like a four legged star.
The students helped Charmaine and Christopher carry in our supplies, and then I got to play fetch with the students at recess. It was any dogs dream---children, the Kong and laughter!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making Moments Matter

Charmaine’s motto for 2011 is Making Moments Matter!

For me, there have been many moments that matter. I have met some PAWsome people, attended some PAWtastic events and still find joy in playing with my favourite toys and curling up by the fire after a fun filled day.
How do you make your moments matter? Here’s a four paws up approach:
• Be present, in the moment. It is difficult to make moments matter if life is passing you by.
• Appreciate moments, and the people that make the moments happen. Coming from a place of gratitude will pave the way for more to be grateful for.
• Be passionate, playful and PAWsitive!
• PAW it Forward.

Toby with Justin Hines

From The Mouth of Babes

Over the past few months we have met close to 2000 students in the schools that Charmaine and I have presented at (well she does the talkin’ and I do the barkin’). There have been some PAWsome questions that the children have asked about me such as:

• What’s the worst thing Toby ever did?
• Will Toby play himself in the movie?
• What does Toby do when he meets someone from a different country?
• How does Toby tell an adult if he is afraid or lonely?
• What makes Toby feel sad?
• What would Toby do if he saw a cat?
• Does Toby ever have bad dreams?

This week when presenting at a school, I started barking up a storm during the question and answer period. I was so barky I had to go for a time out ( a bark break). The students thought it was pretty interesting that I am not PAWfect, and sometimes need a break or a time out, like they might need from time to time. Life is not about being PAWfect, it is about living and being you (impawfections and all!).