Thursday, November 27, 2014

Innovative trends in business. Increasing your customers and clients by being more pet friendly.

Me again.

Toby,  the traveling dog with a PAWsitive blog!

 I am on a mission to build a kinder world one paw one person at a time!

A Million Acts of Kindness.

There are lots of businesses out there doing great things for pet families traveling with their pets. And.... there is lots of room for businesses to take it up a notch and attract new customers and clients... like my humans. Pet Parents Traveling with Pets!

Check out what mom had to say about this on her show.

You can listen to mom talking about this on her PAWsitive Radio Show

Mom shared even more cool tips on her Linked In Article

Tell us what your community is doing to be pet friendly!  

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kindness in the grocery store

It's me...

Toby the dog... a dog with a blog....

And I am on a mission to build a kinder person at a time!

Dad was reading the North Shore News the other day.

He found an article that was a great example of kindness so suggested mom write a blog. Here she is...

Our Million Acts of Kindness is our way of helping build a kinder paw one person at a time.

There are so many silent heroes and ambassadors of kindness who are changing the world by simply showing up as themselves, sharing smiles and acts of kindness.  Together, those single actions ripple into a movement.

In North Vancouver, BC a 91 year old Veteran was shopping at a Save on Foods store and as the cashier was ringing through his groceries, he discovered he had left his wallet at home.  A shopper in the next isle told to his cashier and paid for his items.  What a beautiful act of kindness!

The gentleman made several attempts to get her name and address as he wanted to repay her.  He stated that "she would have none of it!"  He wrote to the newspaper to say "THANK YOU!"

It is these acts of respect and kindness that touch my heart, and we see and hear about these type of actions every single day.  I believe that together, through kindness, we can make a PAWsitive difference.  And that by sharing the stories like these, we are reminded that kindness connects people and can have a big impact of the person receiving and extending the kindness but also on all of us as we hear about stories that have made a difference.

Thank you Mark Bradwell, for sharing your story, and thank you for your courage and all you did to preserve peace and safety for us all.

Sometimes you need a hand.... and you get a paw!'s in you for giving... give lots!" (C. Hammond).

Please share your stories of kindness by commenting on our blog. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

BIG kindness during Dogtopia Grand Opening

It's me again....

Toby the dog.... and I have a blog!

 We met the most pawmazing peeps and dogs at the Dogtopia Coquitlam Grand Opening on Nov 22.

Benefits of Dog  Day Care (the Toby pawspective)

Add caption
  • It's really dog PLAY care (not day care).  Benefit one is lots of play and activity.
  • Treats and lots of "good boys!" 
  • Other dogs teach you stuff!
  • You get to be a dog!  Sometimes humans forget event tho' we're their fur babies.... we are still dogs.
  • Get a break from our humans...

My friend Blizzard and his mom Laurie at the Dogtopia Coquitlam Grand Opening

Benefits of Dog Day Care (my mum's... the human.... pawspective)
  • Great socialization for your dog
  • Opportunities for your dog to learn new things from the staff and dogs
  • Your dog can be in a safe and supervised program while you are at work
  • There are lots of mental and physical activities to exercise your dog
  • Opportunity for your dog to have a different routine and something different to look forward to
Dogtopia has webcams in the playroom 
Dogtopia Coquitlam has the coolest feature!  A Play Cam.... humans can log into Dogtopia when their dog is in day care and you can watch your dog playing while you are at home or work.  How fun!

Here I am all Toby cam'd up to film our time at the Dotopia Grand Opening.

Nothing like the shots from a dog's perspective... we'll be blogging those as soon as dad downloads them.

Share your fave pics of your dog in day care or your fave daycare story on our facebook page.  

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Friday, November 21, 2014

How Pet Friendly is YOUR Community?

Photo Credit:
Toby the Dog Here!

On our PAWS Across Canada Tour, we found lots of things that make a community a little more pet friendly, like:

Pet Friendly Hotels
Mere Hotel Winnipeg

 And great places to walk your dogs close to the pet friendly hotel:

Photo Credit: Team Toby 

And garbage cans and bags so you can pick up after your pets:

Although we always travel with our Original Poop Bags


When you are looking to travel with your pets, here are a few things to check out in your planning:
  1. Pet Friendly Hotels (with easy access to outside, garbage cans and well lit areas to walk your dog)
  2. Pet friendly rest stops... your dogs need to get out and stretch just like you.
  3. Communities that have activities you can do with your pet such as walking trails, parks, dog parks, pet events.
  4. Learn where the closest vet and animal clinic are when you visit a community.
  5. Make sure that your dog tags and chips have current and up to date information.
  6. Have a current photo (headshot) of your pet on your cell phone.
Just a few tips on traveling with your pets.

Mom did a survey with pet families about what they want in relation to pet friendly travel.  There was PAWSome feedback.  She'll be doing a webinar soon to reveal the results.

To those communities working hard to be pet friendly.... we applaud you!


It makes a big difference for us and our humans!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Grade 1 and 2 students make BIG impact through KINDNESS

 Toby the dog here.... today I am sitting in the background so we can honour some amazing students!!

They are the grades 1 and 2 class at Glen Elm Elementary school in Regina Saskatchewan.  What a great group of students!!

In October we went to their school and did a presentation during our PAWS Across Canada tour... our mission to reduce bullying and increase kindness.... we want to make a kinder world one paw one person at a time.  Look how these students are helping this kindness mission.....

Here's the letter they wrote me:

Look how these students are being leaders and change makers!

Their PAWsome acts of kindness are making a big difference!!

Here's  little video I made to say THANK YOU!!!

Their acts of kindness were so incredible, the class has received a Toby Kindness Certificate.

Thank you for inviting us to your school.  And BIG BARKS of thanks for making our world a better place!!

Thank you to our partners Petland Canada for sponsoring this presentation, and for helping us share our message of kindness to people, pets and the planet.

Businesses with heart help with kindness mission in North Battleford SK Canada

Toby the dog here!

A dog who NOSE best about the power of friendship and kindness.

On our PAWS Across Canada Tour, we had the kind support of some North Battleford businesses with heart!

These businesses are helping us raise funds and awareness for the Battlefords Humane Society, and, putting my Team Toby Classroom programs and books in the local schools in North Battleford.

Their support already helped us provide an anti-bullying presentation to the entire student body at Connaught Elementary School.

Super 8 North Battleford
The Super 8 North Battleford hosted our stay in North Battleford!  We SO appreciate their support.

Super 8 North Battleford
They are a dog friendly hotel with great staff, a big welcoming smile and supPAW places to go for a walk.

These walking trails are PAWSome!!  And minutes away from the Super 8 Hotel.
Look where else wen went... again minutes from the hotel:

And another big bark out to Just 4 Pets Supplies and Services, a North Battleford Business.  They are also helping us raise funds and awareness through participating in our Twoonie for Team Toby campaign raising funds for the Battlefords Humane Society and putting my books and anti-bullying classroom resources into the schools.  We enjoyed our visit with Katie while we were in town.

Katie- Just 4 Pets Supplies and Services.... Look at the fundraising they had already started on the second day of the tour.  thank you!

The Battleford Daily News did a pawsome article too!  the media plays such an impawtant role in sharing our message of kindness!

Thank you to our North Battleford champions, partners and hosts!  We appreciate you!

Please help us build a kinder world for people, pets and the planet... share our blog, follow the blog and share your comments.  :) 
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Sending some Toby appreciation to our PAWs Across Canada Tour partners for being so PAWmazing!

Businesses lending a paw to build a kinder planet

Toby the dog here!

It takes a team to build a kinder planet.

We've been on our PAWS Across Canada Tour through Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and what a team we have!!

Today  I am sending some PAWsitive feedback to our team in Lloydminster in Canada.  We kicked off the tour there.

Our school presentations were at Barr Colony School, what a pawsome kind group of teachers and staff.

The Microtel Inn & Suites hosted our stay in Lloydminster.  They are a Big Time Pet Friendly pawsome we gave them a Toby Tested Toby Approved Award

At the Microtel Inn & Suites
Our community champion, Katlin with the Lloydminster Economic Development Association was the person who connected us to the Microtel... see building communities and spreading kindness is all about connections!

Katlin and Mom

PAWmazing local businesses are helping us raise funds for Team Toby's classroom programs in their local schools, and to make a donation to Coca's Promise.  Here's me and our Coca's Promise friends :)

These are the 4 PAWS Up Lloydminster businesses who joined the tour with us:

Dana with Groomer Has It
Mom and Marilee at Pet Planet

Pet Planet at start of campaign... :)

The Pet Pad

Puppy Luv Day Spa (and photo credit Puppy Luv Dayspa)

The Meridian Booster did a great article about our visit to the community, as did the Lloydminster Source newspaper.  We so appreciate their 4 paws up helping share our message of kindness.
We had a barking good time with NewCapTV who filmed our visit to the school and aired it on TV.... you can watch it here:

We were thrilled to provide some books to Barr Colony School while we were there:
Wait till you see the video we created with these five PAWmazing students talking about how to change the world and build more kindness..... coming soon!

Thank you to our Lloydminster partners, champions and hosts!  We appreciate you!

Please subscribe to and share our blog, comment and follow us on social media.... together we can make a PAWsitive Difference!

Barking out some love and thanks to our PAWS Across Canada tour partners! You helped us make a big difference and a kinder planet.