Tuesday, April 29, 2014

K9's perspective on spring cleaning your house and office

Toby the Dog opens the mail.... This is one way to handle your bills.  Photo Credit TheOriginalTeamToby.com


Spring is here!


 Mom interviews our PAWS Across Canada Partner Dianna Bowes of Fabulous at 50 and Creative on the Move and then talks about spring cleaning your business and office, on my PAWSitive Radio show.

Here's my 3 tips for spring cleaning:

1) Hide toys under snow, then when the snow melts it is like Christmas time... toys everywhere...

Found my long lost frisbee when the snow melted.  Love spring cleaning the yard!
2) Get Focused on priorities... Zoom in and focus on what matters!

My selfie www.TheOriginalTeamToby.com

3) Treat yourself and celebrate wins!
My Fave treats at the Bone & Biscuit Store in Sherwood Park!

Share your best spring cleaning tips with us!

Big thanks to our travel partner Canadian Traveller for their support on our PAWS Across Canada Tour.

We'll be posting daily blogs, our travel adventures and loads of photos of yours truly... me!  Toby the dog!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Two Dogs Making a PAWsitive difference for rescue dogs!

That's me...Toby and my friend RJ and we are Two Dogs on a Mission to build a Kinder Canada

Mum and The Orange Dog Foundation applied for a grant with Field Law.  You can cast your vote for our project by visiting this link then finding the Team Toby's PAWS Across Canada, and clicking to vote.

Simple! Fun! Makes a PAWsitive Difference!

Here's what mum wrote about what RJ and I are up to.....

Team Toby’s PAWS Across Canada is two dog’s PAWsitive mission to build a kinder Canada one paw, one person at a time.

Toby is the star of several bestselling books for adults and children, is travelling the world with his pet parent Charmaine teaching lessons about kindness, acceptance and respect. RJ is the face of globally renowned Freedom Flights rescuing death row dogs from shelters and bringing them to loving forever homes in partnership with international humane organizations. Their partnership will provide Canadian schools with classroom programs teaching children kindness values in a method that only the human-dog bond can communicate. These values instill the foundation needed to create a bully-free educational environment while Freedom Flights teach parents and communities the importance of responsible pet parenting uniting at risk dogs with families that have prevented the unnecessary loss of life.

Imagine a Gulfstream jet, the epitome of luxury and success uniting the discarded dogs left for death with forever families anxiously awaiting their landing at Edmonton airport.  Dogs anxious and barking while children excitedly await the moment when they may extend kindness, love and acceptance of their new loved one. Jan Folk, preeminent Edmonton entrepreneur along with the help of a local marketing company and co-operation of pilots from Global Exec Aviation launched Freedom Flights. To date they have rescued and placed 468 shelter dogs with loving forever homes along with the help of EHS.

Jan Folk, creator of Freedom Flights, with actor Kevin Costner
Charmaine Hammond identified an opportunity to teach Canadians kindness and respect through media attention and message taught by Orange Dog through the Freedom Flights. If we can get people to understand the value of life regardless of breed or age we can teach them the greater message of being kind, respectful and accepting each other. Charmaine realized this starts with children.

Humans, dogs, schools, workplaces and community groups will benefit from PAWS Across Canada. Thousands of students in Edmonton area-northern Alberta will participate in Toby’s presentations, story time with Toby, and his kindness classroom kits. His books will remain in the schools he presents at so future students will benefit as well. The student’s families will also benefit from this project as Charmaine and Toby will work with schools to  provide Toby tips for families.

The project is built on a foundation of collaboration, partnership and working together to make a difference. The dogs rescued from the Freedom Flights will benefit, as will the families who adopt them. The chosen animal shelter/adoption organization will also benefit from this project in terms of marketing support and adoption fees.

Because the Freedom Flights receive a great deal of media exposure, the animal shelter/adoption organization, and the general public will benefit as the media pours out good news stories, and, learning about dog adoption and rescue.

Thanks for helping RJ and I make a difference for other dogs!

Please vote and share


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Have dog....will travel

Mom interviewed Susan Smith about traveling with pets, you can check out what they talked about on PAWsitive Radio

When I travel I always make sure I have my Kong. It goes with me everywhere!

When I read my fave mags on the deck.... Kong is with me!

Outdoor fun....Kong!
And now traveling with me everywhere is our Pet First Aid Kit from Denise Fleck of Sunny Dog Ink!

Check out the interview mom did with her about Pet First Aid on PAWsitive Radio.

PAWS Across Canada launches in 1 week- a dog on a mission to buid a kinder Canada

Building a Kinder Canada One Paw One Person at a time is how Team Toby is making a PAWsitive Difference in the world!

Christopher and Toby in Kananaskis

Animals are great teachers, and connectors.  Toby the dog is on a mission to inspire, teach and travel... This video sums up the PAWS Across Canada Tour that launches May 5 from Alberta Canada.


We would LOVE to hear your suggestions of pet friendly places to visit in Alberta and British Columbia, which is where the first leg of our tour will take place.  Please leave your comments on the blog or on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalTeamToby

We have incredible partners on the tour with us, each blog we will feature different partners.  

Canadian Traveller is our official Travel Partner.  

Also joining us on the tour is:

Our non profit partner for PAWS Across Canada is The Orange Dog Foundation, an incredible organization respected for their dog rescue activities and Freedom Flights.

With the tour launching one week from now, there is lots to do, a great deal to organize to ensure a pet friendly tour.

We have created a packing list and keep adding to it daily, here's what we have so far:

  •  Dog First Aid Kit
  • Toby's medical records 
  • Emergency contacts list
  • Head-Lites Collar for night time walks
  • Leashes and collars for our daytime use 
  • Water and Food Dishes
  • Poop Bags
  • Food and treats
  • Grooming supplies
  • Toby's bed
  • Toys and Toby's Kongs

Keep watching the blog to see what else we add to the list of necessities for a pet friendly adventure travel.  

Special thanks to Sunny Dog Ink for the fantastic First Aid Kit, and to Head-Lites for Toby's yellow night time collar with lights, and K9 Bytes for the matching leash and collar!  We look forward to trying out these products on our tour.