Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cleaning up messes in dog parks and in business!

Toby the dog here

The world through my eyes.

 Photo Credit Team Toby

Blogs by dogs!

Messy cleanups are gross!

We feel bad and I know our humans get grossed out.

Mom's friend has the solution!

photo credit: Doggie Doo All

The Doggie Doo All is the first product from the Doo All Company LLC. Founded in 2013 by Lawrence Jordan and Laura Vorreyer, the Doo All Company's mission is to provide high quality solutions to everyday pet guardian problems.
They also PAW it Forward!   In keeping with the company's philosophy of "Doo-ing" good, a portion of their proceeds will be donated to animal rescues and shelters.    

Photo Credit: Doggie Doo All

Mom met Laura and Lawrence through Women in the Pet Industry Network, when they were at Total Pet Expo.
Founder, CEO: Ms. Vorreyer the inventor of the Doggie Doo All, is a experienced business owner and product developer and dog expert with a background in sales and marketing. In 2003 after many years in the corporate world, she founded her Los Angeles based pet care company "Your Dogs Best Friend". Ms Vorreyer has worked with hundreds of clients including an exclusive roster of Hollywood media executives and celebrities.
Check out mom's interview with Laura and Doggie Doo all here:
We LUV the Doggie Doo All!  
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PAWS Across Canada Comes to Lloydminster Oct 20

A dog with a blog....

That's me!

I luv shopping for PAWducts that we luv!

This was me during our first leg of PAWs Across Canada...building a kinder Canada one paw one person at a time.   I was trying to do the shopping cart dance at Petland, they were one of our amazing partners on the tour!

On Oct 20 we leave for the 2nd leg of the tour... to Saskatchewan and Manitoba!
I'll be filling up my Outward Hound back pack with toys and other stuff we need for the tour.  I luv to have a job!

Our partners, The Original Poop Bags, our number two sponsor (LOL.... get it?  Number 2!!) will be traveling with us everywhere!

  Mom will be making sure she packs to of my fave toys... the Kong

Last time dad threw one and it got stuck in a tree, and mom has a girly throw and we often lose them.   So we'll bring some extra.

I'll be filming the whole tour with my very own Go Pro Video Camera.

You know...

Life through Toby's eyes.

Our first stop will be Lloydminster.  We'll be staying at Microtel Inn & Suites.

They are pet friendly! 

Photo Credit: Microtel Inn& Suites

There are several businesses so far that are supporting our Twoonie for Team Toby Fundraiser:  They'll be selling cut out pawprints for $2 which raises funds for Coca's Promise (a rescue in Lloydminster), and, Team Toby classroom programs, and a presentation from me.  We luv partnering with businesses to promote kindness, acceptance and respect.

Thank you to:

Puppy Luv Doggy Day Spa, Pet Planet, and, the Lloydminster Animal Hospital for jumping on board to help!  We'd love to have other businesses supporting the cause (and you don't have to be a pet business).

Mom's got the Doggie Doo All ready to go as well.  We luv this product.  No more messy cleanups!

We are looking forward to our school presentations while in Lloydminster and doing some fun pet friendly adventures.

See you October 20 in Lloydminster.

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Thank you to all our sponsors and partners!  We appreciate you. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Real Estate Options for Pet Families

Toby the dog here.

Photo Credit Team Toby

You got it.

A dog with a blog!

What a great thing Joshua Garay is doing.

He's helping pet families find homes that are pet friendly!

We had some interesting potential buyers looking at our lakefront home this past summer.  Photo Credit Team Toby

Did ya ever wonder how to EASILY find a house or rental property that has everything you need for your pet (fenced yard, close to dog park, nearby to vets, etc)? Interested in the real estate market trends? 

I like homes on water, near water or close to dog beaches... I'm a water dog!  Photo Credit Team Toby

Joshua S. Garay is the founder of GoodLife Listings,a Real Estate posting service that features six targeted specialty brands all designed to meet the long term, short term and nightly housing needs of the marketplace. 

Mom interviewed him on her radio show.  You can listen to it here:

Mom found out that after working as a property manager, Real Estate Broker and investor, Josh discovered the necessity of building a listing service focused on the lifestyles and needs of the buyer or renter rather than focusing on a generic utility as is commonplace in the market.

 Check out what he has to say here... this information will help you before you put your pawprints on the dotted lines.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

One Dog's Mission to Spread Kindness

It's Me!

Toby the dog.

A dog with a blog on a mission to make the world a kinder place.

In May and June we did PAWS Across Canada Tour, leg #1.... Alberta and BC, Canada.  Here were a few of the many pawsome successes.

We visited schools and workplaces sharing the message of kindness, acceptance and respect, and, responsible loving pet care.  We did way cool pet friendly adventures, and, had amazing partners on the tour.

It's Bully Prevention Month and we head out on PAWS Across Canada Tour #2.... Saskatchewan and Manitoba Canada.

Please help us visit more schools with our BARK (TM) Program.

For less than a cup of coffee... for only $2 you can help us share our message in schools.  It's our Twoonie for Team Toby campaign.  

Buy a $2 Pawprint and support our efforts to reduce bullying through teaching kindness, acceptance and respect.  

Purchase your pawprint here to support kindness to people, pets and the planet!

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Thank you for your support in building a kinder world... one paw... one person at a time!

Together we can make a pawsitive difference!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saving the planet together

Toby the dog here


Dog with blog

PAWS Across Canada Tour (the second leg) launches in just a couple of weeks

We are headed to Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

It will be pawsome to head out, spread some kindness and visit thousands of kids at school presentations.  October is bully prevention month which is why we decided to tour during this important month.

Joining us on this tour is our new partner.

The Original Poop Bags.  The are eco-friendly poop bags that return to the earth!  That's one reason we LUV them.

We also luv them because they are great quality bags.  And... they've been saving the planet for more than 10 years!

Thanks Original Poop Bags for taking care of number twos on the tour.

Together we can make a pawsitive difference.

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Until next time.... let's be kind to one another