Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making a family move a PAWsitive experience for your pet

Toby the dog here with another blog. 

Well, mom and dad sold the house on the lake. I'm excited about our new home, but will miss the lake big time! But, now we are by the ocean.

Moving doesn't have to be stressful for pets... or at least not as stressful.

Here's some things you can do to help your pets adjust, it worked for me!

1)  Keep routines as close to normal as pawsible!  Less confusing for us pets and helps the humans too.
2) Remember to take time to play and cuddle with us. Don't get so wrapped up in packing and other moving stuff that we just watch.  My mom also gave me jobs to do, like carry my toys when she was moving boxes.
3) Avoid drama.  We pick up on your emotions and energy, and sometimes humans are just confusing.  Less drama = less stress for us.

You can listen to mom talking about our family move and, the great lessons she learned from me.

Yup. That's right!  Once again I am teaching the humans about life.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Secret Suppers and Shopping Trips... PAWs Across Canada tour

When mom told me she was invited to a secret supper, I was jelous.
and Then
I found out I was the guest of honour!
Double WOOF!!!!

Toby the dog with a blog here.  Today I am writing about our Secret Supper with Sara and Annie of Transform Travel

so here's some of mom's pics from the Secret Supper.  we didn't know the location until the day before.... it was beyond PAWsome!!!

got to go on a Ferry to get there....

photo credit Team Toby

Then we arrived to the secret location in Deep Cove on Vancouver Island....

WOOF!  total Pawsomeness.
Photo Credit Team Toby

Photo Credit Team Toby

I took a sneak peek at everything while they were setting up....
check it out!

Photo Credit Team Toby

Chef Michael made an amazing meal....
Here's some of the guests enjoying good conversation while I am off chasing birds and barking at the air!
Photo Credit Team Toby

Check them out being interviewed by SHAW Go Island! 

This was such a PAWSome event during our PAWs Across Canada Tour in Victoria, BC.

You can book your own Secret Supper through Transform Travel. Tell them Toby gives them Four PAWS UP!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Massage can help the humans when travelling with pets

You never know when I am looking around the corner for a good dog blog idea!  Hi, Toby the dog here, a dog on a mission to spread kindness and good news!

When we were on our PAWS Across Canada tour, a lady contacted mom to do a chair massage.... a great treat for mom after sitting forever in the Toby Mobile!  At least I get the whole back to myself and can stretch out in the truck.
Here's what Tracey McColm told us about the Chair Massage.

"Relaxation massage is available for: Upper body and head ~ Legs and Feet ~ Head and Face or Full." FULL is what Tracey's gift is to mom was. I stayed in the room to check it all out. It was so relaxing I fell asleep too!

"You remain fully clothed with the exception of your feet (if your are ok with that). I can also work on covered feet. No scented lotions or oils are used unless requested. With permission, I do like to use unscented lotion on the hands and feet.  Re: Head and Face ... your hair will get a bit messed up and it's best not to wear make-up if possible; however, I can work around it so you only need some touch-ups if necessary."

 Here's mom and Tracey the following night at an event sponsored by Transform Travel.  Mom was looking very relaxed and refreshed, thank you Tracey!!  LUV how you take care of our humans!

Tracey McColm is a Certified Chair Massage Provider who also offers Foot Reflexology using Aromatherapy Oils.  After sixteen years with a Clinical Research firm she decided to shift her career focus to hands-on healthcare management.  Ms. McColm is the President and CEO of Chair Massage On The Go.

 During the past 10 years Ms. McColm has served on various Committees, spent time as a Search and Rescue Volunteer as well as volunteering with animal rescue organizations.  Other interests include Artistic endeavors, Ocean kayaking and Skydiving.  Currently residing in Victoria, BC she can be contacted @

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pet Friendly Places to Eat, Stay and Play in Airdrie, AB

Toby the dog here. Yup, am a dog with a blog!  Lots of imPAWtant stuff to share....

Deck this out!! Popped up to help build a deck.

 It was super fun travelling through different communities, some PAWsitively pet friendly, and some... not so much!  Airdrie Alberta had some fun pet friendly features.
Airdrie is just north of Calgary and has everything you need.... parks, trails, stores, pet spas and more!
We stayed at the Best Western which is a pet friendly hotel. They had garbage cans, great rooms, and, it is located in residential area so lots of fun places to walk with grassy areas.
The staff were pawsome and treated me like a celeb... well I kinda am.... :)

We saw this super cool mural as we were driving to a pet friendly coffee shop.  GREAT quote!

We had dinner at Subway. They have picnic tables outside so your dog can hang out with you while you eat a meal.

Met some great new friends at the dog park, which was very clean, had poop bag dispensers, and water in big bowls.  A real plus!

 Had my Go Pro video camera on so got all my new friends on film.  This pal was super interested in what I had on my back. Can't wait to see the close up of her face when dad edits the vids.

 This dog and I chased each other since we didn't have a toy to retrieve.

We stopped by and met with Kent Rupert of the City of Airdrie Economic Development Dept.  The staff let me come inside and I barked to Kent that I had arrived.... big big echo! I barked back at it.  Kent gave us great information about the city, which mom will post on another blog.  They have a ton of dog friendly walking trails, and many parks where pets are welcome.

Mom and dad loved their salad rolls from Annas, I LUVed that they were pet friendly. I got to hang outside with mom and dad and greet people who were coming in the store.  The staff kept filling up my water when they got more coffee for mom and dad.  That is PAWsome customer service!

Listen to mom as she shares our family take on traveling through Airdrie on our PAWS Across Canada tour.

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