Thursday, August 21, 2014

What's your mission statement?

Toby the dog here.


I'm a dog with a blog!


And I am smiling cuz I am just one happy dog!


Because my book just won GOLD in the Global eBook Awards.

Is that PAWsome or what!

I am all about teaching kids kindness, acceptance and respect.  That's what this book helps with, teaching kids to be a good friend and make the world a better place by being kind.

Here's some pictures some kids drew for us about kindness.  Simple solutions.  That's why I love kids!

What lessons have your pets taught you about kindness, acceptance and respect? 

We would love to hear them.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Building great collaborations and events

Toby the dog here.

I've got a nose for detail.

And have my own blog.

Today mom did her PAWsitive Radio show and she talked to Margo Bates, author, and president of Canadian Authors Association, Vancouver Branch.

Margo and her team partnered with Vancouver Public Library (VPL) to have mom speak at the VPL during our PAWS Across Canada tour.  She said it was a great example of collaboration and partnerships.

Mom has a 5 step model for collaborations, she uses it all the time in the work I help her with, and also with our PAWmazing PAWtners that support Team Toby.

G- Goals
S- Strategy
P- Plan
A- Action

Here's a tip from me for you humans... when you want someone to collaborate with you....say... ummmm.... play fetch, just put all your toys in a pile in their path.  They almost always stop to play (or trip over them), but typically they stop and play.

Check out the conversation with Margo Bates, and mom's tips on collaborating in business here.   Please share with others you think might enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pet Industry Awards- Pet Age 40 Under 40

 Toby here.


I' m a dog with a blog!

Today mom is doing a guest post on my blog.

She was just at the Women in the Pet Industry Network Conference and met a bunch of great business women in the pet world!

 Toby is correct... my time to blog.

The Women in the Pet Industry Network event was fabulous!  One of the women I met was Michelle Maskaly, Editor-in-Chief at Pet Age. Pet Age is a leading source of information and news in the pet industry.  Their website is full of news, and incredible content!

Pet Age is hosting a fabulous award for young leaders in the pet industry. 

Are you under the age of 40 and a leader in the pet manufacturing or service industry?  Do you know someone who is?

Now is the time to nominate that leader for the Pet Age 40 Under 40 Awards. 

"Pet Age will honor 40 of the most accomplished young leaders in the Pet Manufacturing or Servicing Industry."  The 40 Award recipients will be chosen and recognized for their accomplishments and "commitment to business growth, professional excellence and community service." What a great way to acknowledge those leaders in your community who is in business, and making a difference in the world.

I so appreciate what Pet Age is doing to support leaders in the pet industry.  Awards not only provide recognition and credibility for the recipients, awards also provide marketing opportunities for the recipient and his/her business. Leaders of today become mentors for tomorrow.  This has certainly been my experience in business. 

Here is the link to find out more about the 40 Under 40 Awards

  Time is of the essence... deadline is this Friday (August 22, 2014). We can't wait to hear the results.  Best of luck and congratulations to all nominees and recipients. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Your Eyes Might Just Say It All.... why non verbal communication matters

Toby the dog here.
I'm a dog with a blog.

I am teaching my humans alot about communicating without words.
You see,
My best games of fetch are not the ones were humans are happily shouting "get it Toby!"

My best games are the ones where I use my eyes to tell them what I want.

I look at the kong.

Then I look at them.

Then I look at the Kong.

Then I look at my humans.

Eventually they catch on.  Make a big fuss. Then toss me the Kong.

Imagine how powerful your human communication would be if you paid attention to peoples' non verbals as well as their words.

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Be kind.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Island Living with your Dog! A pet friendly travel adventure

Hi! Toby the dog here. Yup! I'm a dog with a blog.

Just like my human friends, sometimes I get writer's block. But not today. I'm living on an island and loving it.

My pet parents sold our lake front home to move to the ocean.  Since we can't move into our new place in Vancouver until October, we are living on an island (Thetis Island) in the Gulf Islands, BC Canada and it is PAWSome!!

Here we are arriving on the ferry to Thetis Island.

Here I am checking out the ferry, I really wanted to dive into the water...good thing there's a fence to stop me.

Every day we get to walk down to the ocean to pick blackberries and go swimming. that's the best part.

Mom loves how many "treasures" she finds on the beach.

I love playing on the beach.

Dad loves picking blackberries...


We all love the sunsets here.

Here are three things mom learned about island living... lessons taught be a dog (ME!)

Island Lesson #1- Take time to meet the locals.

Island Lesson #2- Take time to play, enjoy the beauty and just soak it all up.

Island Lesson #3-Try new things! New adventures.

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