Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Million Acts of Kindness Tour Kick Off Event

Today's blog is from our Team Toby event coordinator extraordinaire Julie!.

Photo Credit Team Toby

The Million Acts of Kindness tour
​, created by North Vancouver resident Charmaine Hammond,​
 kicked off at the end of August in Port Coquitlam.
 Our amazing sponsor, Petland Canada, kindly hosted the event at their store location and celebrated 
​ with us​
. Toby the dog, and star of this tour, had the opportunity to meet some of his fans, as well as give-away copies of his book “Toby Says ‘Be A Buddy, Not A Bully” and “Toby and His Hospital Friends to students and children that came to the store. Petland Canada
​ participated​
 in the Twoonie for Team Toby campaign, 
​and ​
 cut out paper pawprints for $2, with all funds supporting donations of Toby's books and classroom resources into local schools.
Photo Credit Team Toby

Anticipation was building the closer we got to our take-off time, but the team was really excited to hit the open road in the Kindness RV sponsored by our friends at Fraserway RV!

​ ​
Our first stop on the tour was beautiful Kamloops, and we took off, 
 into the sunset towards interior BC. Despite enjoying the scenic views from our 
 we were happy to arrive to our first destination safely, and we pulled into the Best Western Kamloops for the night.

Photo Credit Team Toby

Wired from the excitement from the launch of the tour, I didn’t think I would get any sleep that night. But I was pleasantly surprised! It had been a while since I slid into a king sized bed with multiple excessively plush pillows, which instantly put my body into relaxation mode. Not surprising for a hotel that has hosted dog-whisperer icon Cesar Millan. It didn’t take long before I was seeing Z’s. Charmaine, Ch
is and Toby had a restful sleep in the RV. The generosity of this hotel 
 greatly appreciated, this was the second year that they hosted Team Toby.
Photo Credit Team Toby

The next morning, I had a chance to meet the general manager Tim at the front desk. He and his staff took some time out of their day to show me around the hotel and impressed me with their love for animals. Not only did they double their pet-friendly rooms within the last year, but they renovated all their pet-friendly rooms to hardware floors! Toby gave his bark of approval and promised the staff he’d see them again on his next visit to Kamloops, and the team took off to our next stop.

Written by Julie Angeletti, Team Toby

Photo Credit Team Toby

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Family Fun TAILgate Parties with Pets

It's me....Toby the dog... travelling across North America on a Million Acts of Kindness tour with my humans!  And this is my blog.... life through the eyes of a dog.

All along the way we see so many acts of kindness....

People being loving and kind to one another..... and to animals....

Julie and I in Winnipeg  Photo credit Team Toby
... like our team member Julie. She is PAWsome!

Businesses collaborating to make a super fun event for families, kids and pets.  Thanks Westoba Credit Union, Petland Canada, Fraserway RV, The Original Poop Bags, Telus, Holiday Inn, and Canadian Traveller Magazine!

And of course all TAILgate parties need awesome music!  Thanks to the DJs at the event.

Family Fun TAILgate Party At Petland Canada Winnipeg

Have you posted your act of kindness on our Kindness Matters PageShare the acts of kindness that have impacted you or someone you know.  Together we can make a difference!

Thank you to our incredible Million Acts of Kindness tour partners! 

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