Saturday, January 2, 2010

Have you made a New Year’s resolution for your pet?

Happy New Year to you and all the animals you love!

A recent article in the said that increasing your daily exercise and play with your pet is an important resolution to keep, for you and your animal. Increasing play, focused fun and exercise can curb mischievous behavior. I know that when I am bored, restless or have lots of energy to burn off, I am much better behaved (ok… well sometimes). The Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine suggests that if your pet is social, gentle, patient and people oriented, you may want to consider certifying it as a therapy animal. This is something you can do with your pet, and bring joy to many. We have this base covered. I am a pet assisted therapy dog with Alberta Hospital and I love Wednesdays- on these days, I live my passion working, playing and spending time with patients at the hospital. It is a win win situation, the patients benefit and, they add something very special to my life! And I know Charmaine loves Wednesdays too because she gets to volunteer with me.

To everyone who read my blog and PAWsitive Inspirations in 2009, and to everyone who e-mailed me, Thank you for reading, thanks for following me and thank you for caring. Let’s make it a great year for pets everywhere!

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