Monday, March 15, 2010

PUP Talk

Toby is a proud sponsor of the Sherwood Park Phoenix Elite Girls Soccer team, an incredible group of young athletes! As they prepare for Provincials, Charmaine went to their recent team lunch to present a PUP talk on behalf of Toby. Charmaine shared a series of lessons of teamwork that she has learned from working on a team with Toby every Wednesday as they volunteer at the hospital.

Here’s a quick summary of the PAWsitive Inspirations that Toby left the Team with:

· Communicate with PAWsitive intent

· Provide PAWsitive feedback along with constructive support and guidance

· Have a PAWsitive and winning attitude

· Take a moment to PAWS and recognize the unique qualities that each person brings to the team

· Play with spirit, focus and communication…and have FUN!

Toby wishes the team well at their upcoming Provincials.


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