Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PAWsitive Edmonton Pet Expo

I was at PET EXPO Edmonton for two days, it was PAWesome. Everyone told me that they recognized my bark, even when other dogs were barking.
I raised $210 for the two Pet Expo designated charities, and got to visit with two of my great sponsors: Kaytie Stack of K9 Awareness Centre and Karah McDonald of Bone & Biscuit Sherwood Park.
The best part was Charmaine and I doing our presentation on having a PAWesome 2011. She talked about having a purpose and how when I got connected with my purpose (spreading joy and helping from the heart), my life changed (and my behavior improved). The number one question we heard at our booth this weekend has only four words--- “Is this THE Toby?” It was four paws up feeling! I pawdographed a ton of books, cuddled lots of people, and made friends with many new furry friends (and met my first reptile).

Check out this picture of me on the new Spot On Treadmill that K9 Awareness had on display.
This week I challenge you to reach out and connect with someone new, make that person feel special just like everyone made me feel when they came to meet me at Pet Expo.
Until next time---let’s make it a PAWsitive week!

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