Friday, April 5, 2013

Barking Orders

Ryan Cooper is the co-founder of Barking Orders  – a free online resource dedicated to helping reduce the number of abandoned pets on the streets and in shelters because their owners were unprepared or unable to care for them. Through education Barking Orders (The Canine School for Humans) hopes to build awareness in dog owners in a fun and informative way. The services and information they offer will help many families who adopt pets.  

Our Toby was a rescue dog, who we adopted when he was five years of age. Learning more about his breed, Chesapeake Bay retriever, helped us help Toby.

Toby with his favorite toy....The KONG

Barking Orders was inspired by Jake the dog, and Ryan’s desire to help dogs thrive in their family situations. A recent guest on my PAWsitive Radio show, Ryan shared some great tips for pet families.

 Barking Order tips for pet families are:

  1.  Ensure your pet gets enough exercise, and the right type of exercise 
  2.  Do your research before adopting, know the breed and choose the breed that is the best fit for your family and lifestyle 
  3.   Invest in a seat belt for your pet. Having a seat belt saved Jake’s life. 
  4.   Choose a good quality leash, and safe toys, and 
  5.  Ensure your dog has a healthy diet and good quality food.

To learn more about Toby’s story, or his books On Toby’sTerms, or Toby The Pet Therapy Dog & His Hospital Friends, visit

 To listen to Ryan share more information about Barking Orders, and to hear his tips for helping dogs thrive in their family, listen to:

You can follow Toby on Twitter at:

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