Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lessons On Life...and Love...Taught by a Dog!Toby

Toby, our dog and one of my best teachers in life.

Lessons of life and love from a dog was the topic of my conversation on Dr. Joanne White's radio show, you can listen on the link above.

Isn't it amazing the lessons us humans can learn from a dog? 

Our dog Toby taught me many things, but most profound were the lessons about patience, persistence, trust, unconditional acceptance and the power of the animal human bond.

Watching Toby with patients at the hospital he volunteered I was constantly amazed at how he shared these lessons with other people. Interestingly enough, I discovered that his teaching went far beyond the lessons he shared with me. Patients reported that they learned about kindness, friendship, respect, communication, self control, listening and confidence from this dog.

Animals make such wonderful contributions to the world simply by how they show up.  This week, take notice of the lessons you learn from your pet.

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