Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dogs that Inspire

It was a sad day this week to hear of the passing of Nelson Mandella, a teacher of kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love and standing up for your beliefs!   Mom's writing this blog today because he was a big inspiration for her in life, love and business.
There are many people who come into our life to make a moment matter, teach us a lesson or to simply be there for us. While I never met Nelson Mandella, he was always in the background of my life through his powerful quotes and stories, and the ways in which he lived his legacy.

For a long time I have believed that people (and animals) come into your life for a reason. We saw that firsthand with Toby Sr... he came into our life to shake it upside down..... literally.... and to teach me to be a better person. 
Charmaine Hammond and Toby Sr. 

And now Toby's legacy will be carried on by our furever pup Toby Jr (TJ) who is the first "Ambassadog" for Team Toby.   Toby Jr had his first presentation with me to a group of incredible youth... our local Girl Guide Club.  While the girls loved Toby, what I enjoyed most was watching Toby show up as himself, showing curiosity towards his new friends, and then deciding when his appearance was officially over so he could play.  Recently I had the opportunity to talk about Toby's story, and his new book Toby the Pet Therapy Dog Says Be a Buddy Not a Bully, which just won Mom's Choice Awards, and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Awards. You can listen to our conversation on the Inspiration Show:!

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