Tuesday, April 29, 2014

K9's perspective on spring cleaning your house and office

Toby the Dog opens the mail.... This is one way to handle your bills.  Photo Credit TheOriginalTeamToby.com


Spring is here!


 Mom interviews our PAWS Across Canada Partner Dianna Bowes of Fabulous at 50 and Creative on the Move and then talks about spring cleaning your business and office, on my PAWSitive Radio show.

Here's my 3 tips for spring cleaning:

1) Hide toys under snow, then when the snow melts it is like Christmas time... toys everywhere...

Found my long lost frisbee when the snow melted.  Love spring cleaning the yard!
2) Get Focused on priorities... Zoom in and focus on what matters!

My selfie www.TheOriginalTeamToby.com

3) Treat yourself and celebrate wins!
My Fave treats at the Bone & Biscuit Store in Sherwood Park!

Share your best spring cleaning tips with us!

Big thanks to our travel partner Canadian Traveller for their support on our PAWS Across Canada Tour.

We'll be posting daily blogs, our travel adventures and loads of photos of yours truly... me!  Toby the dog!

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