Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Natural products for your Dog

Toby the dog here...
A dog with blog

You might remember when I was on my tour last fall that mom had done posts about the ear spray that she used to get sticky pine needle sap off the inside of my ear.

My ear  was a mess!

I smelled like a Christmas tree.

Then mom used a product from a lady she knows from WIPIN (Women in the Pet Industry Network).

 It was the Natural Paws Ear Wash

It cleaned up my ears and mom also used it after play dates in the dog park and swimming in the lake. 

Elyse from Natural Paws says she's "always been crazy about dogs".

Sweet Pea, her dog, inspired her to find products that would help with Sweet Pea's paw pads as they were really getting worn. When she couldn't find a product to solve the problem guess what she did?

She created one herself. 

 I love it. Another dog inspired product.

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