Monday, May 2, 2011

Are you as smart as a second grader?

Doing presentations at schools is PAWsome- I love meeting all the students, and hearing the questions they ask Charmaine about me and my book, on Toby’s Terms.

Recently, at a school in Oceanside, we met the most amazing young student, Tommy is his name. He introduced himself this way “I’m Tommy, I’m a writer too!” I immediately fell in love with his gentle confidence. He proceeded to tell me that “my teacher told me I should show you my book.” Charmaine read it page by page, smiling and looking at Tommy. I knew she was impressed.

He said “See, I even put in a bit of humour” as he pointed to a picture he had drawn and showed Christopher.

This young student asked the most intriguing questions about the book writing and publishing process. His goal is to have his book published, and, to make a movie! Now that is a boy who already knows his purpose! WOOF!

Thank you Tommy for inspiring the three of us!

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