Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stories that leave pawprints on your heart

One of the best aspects of doing book signings and pawdographing events is the amazing people and furry friends I get to meet. We have heard so many great pet stories that I think I could bark a book.

A lovely couple told Charmaine and Chris a great story. They had two big dogs who were good escape artists. One day while the couple’s daughter was dog sitting, the pair escaped. Days went by and the searches and posters were not bringing their beloved furry friends home. The family started to think they would never see their dogs again. Meanwhile, unbeknown to the family, a caring couple had found the pair, 35 miles from the home they could not find their way back to. The family put an ad in the local newspaper. Somehow the local paper got taken by someone to the area where the dogs were. Eventually the dogs and family were re-united.

This story got me thinking of the importance of “home.” When Charmaine and Christopher adopted me, I was five years old. I had spent three months in foster care before going to my forever family. Home really is where the heart is.

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