Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What’s at the end of your rainbow?

After a storm, a rainbow often follows--- what rainbows have you had after a stormy time? Even in my almost ten years of life, I have had some PAWtastic rainbows at the end of storms.
Who knew that my toilet lid breaking episodes, furniture rearranging and thunder storm inspired house damage would result in me being a volunteer, a Pet Therapy Dog? This is definitely one of the rainbows for me, volunteering at the hospital. I meet a lot of people and I’d say many folks focus on the storms and not the rainbows.

This week I challenge you to look for the rainbows that follow the stormy times, and if you didn’t have a stormy time this week, perhaps share that perspective with someone who is dealing with their own storms.

Unit next week, have a PAWsitive Week!

PS Did I mention my new children’s book Toby The Pet Therapy Dog and His Hospital Friends is hot off the press? You can grab your copy by ordering from chris.alcock@hammondgroup.biz if you want a signed copy, or from Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites!

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