Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Therapy for the Therapy Dog

Animals have a way of connecting people and touching people on an emotional level. It is always so interesting to learn what people enjoy and appreciate about our book On Toby's Terms and Toby the Pet Therapy Dog. In the 51/2 years that we were fortunate and blessed to have Toby with us, he impacted many lives. His job as a pet therapy dog impacted people in the hospital, their families and caregivers, and even people around the world who have read his books. Kate, in her book review, stated that, "One of the ways Toby uses his skills to help people is as a pet therapy dog, and I find it fitting that some of the patients he helps have mental health issues just like he does. It's seems he is helping himself by helping others, which is a good message for us all."
On Wednesdays, Toby's hospital volunteer day, we would often smile and say these days were therapy for the therapy dog. You see, Toby stepped into his purpose and helped others, and in doing so, this became therapy for him too.
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