Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Mighty Playful Kong

Toby’s favorite toy was The KONG. Just hearing the word would set Toby into high gear running around the house or yard searching for one of his Kongs. His favorite was the bright orange floating Kong (which we loved too, because we never had to run into the lake and retrieve it after it sank). Watching Toby with his Kong was a great reminder for me about the importance of focus on goals. When Toby was focused on his Kong, nothing around him seemed to be as important. He was able to maintain focus and ignore the distractions, something that is important for us, especially those of us distracted by BSI’s (bright shiny objects).
Here are a few lessons I learned from Toby about Focus and Goals
  1.          Chase your dreams, not your tail
  2.      Keep your eyes on the Kong (the goal)
  3.      When you reach your goal bark a bit, share the news with others
  4.           Celebrate!

To find out more about Kong, you can follow this link:

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