Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pet Adoption: Happy Tails!

"Toby is a wonderful five year old male Chesapeake Bay retriever. He is very affectionate and loves to be alongside his humans. His hobbies are walking and playing fetch.  He is house trained, occasionally vocal when there is something to bark about and an absolutely awesome foot warmer. He is going to make someone an amazing friend." That was the description in the NASAP Pets for Adoption listing.  When I read that and saw Toby's smiling face, I knew he'd be the PAWfect family member for us.

Toby came to us with his own set of baggage, and even though we became frustrated by his behaviours (breaking toilet tank lids, rearranging furniture, and destroying our closets repeatedly), he brought us so much joy. Toby helped thousands of people, he became a therapy dog and worked in a hospital (through Chimo AAT) and later went on tour - that's right!  He was the star of several books, On Toby's Terms (which is being made into a major motion picture) and Toby The Pet Therapy Dog.
I am excited to announce the new book in my Toby series for children, Toby The Pet Therapy Dog Says Be a Budddy Not a Bully

Toby also inspired me to start my own radio show for pets....PAWsitive Radio- All Things Pets. 
Every Saturday I interview the most amazing guests in the animal producers, authors, pet trainers, adoptive pet parents, to name a few....
You can listen to past shows on the archives here (link above) or listen live every Saturday at 3 pm MST.
Toby's story is an adoption story with many happy tails.... and one that the legacy just keeps on going. 
We would LOVE to hear your pet adoption story, please share with us!!

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