Thursday, December 13, 2012

Furever Pets! Their lessons live on.....

Toby is our forever (or as we say.... furever) pet, a family member who created a legacy that will be long remembered. 

Yes, Toby had a shoe fetish... or a desire to re-arrange the way we put shoes away... it seemed shoes were a lot more fun in one big pile outside the closet.  This photo shows Toby after one of his closet masterpieces. He looks quite impressed with his work.

As an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog, Toby impacted many lives at the hospital he volunteered, and at the many schools he toured when his book On Toby's Terms came out.

Toby taught us about patience, he knew that good things came to those who waited. If he stared at something long enough.... it would become his.  This photo of Toby with his new toy makes me smile,  he stared at it for the longest time before picking it up and discovering it squeaked.  This is the perfect photo of patience and focus.

Play and friendship was a the highlight of Toby's day. Whether his friends were furry, feathered, four legged or two, he was ready for a good game of fetch. Dog Beach in Del Mar California was Toby's favorite place.

When we pulled in, Toby would bark from the car until he reached the water, his tail wagging so hard we thought he would take flight, it was like a propeller. It was not uncommon for Toby to find the other dogs who loved to play fetch, and take a turn with their toy.  The good news was that he always returned the toy when he was done with it.

And after a good day of play, spreading love wherever he went... there was nothing like curling up with the sunlight pouring through the window and having a good nap.

Recently, Toby's story was featured in the Examiner. The journalist, Kathryn Williams, did a wonderful job at showing Toby as our forever pet... from breaking toilet tank lids, to saving lives.  you can read the article here:

What are the moments you cherish with your pet?

What lessons did your furry family member teach you?

Today, give your animal family member, a little more attention and love.... acknowledge how they make our world a much better place. 

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