Monday, November 19, 2012

What is your pet trying to tell you?

Nancy shared some very intriguing discussions about animals and what they might be trying to tell us (pet parents, shelter staff, vets, and other humans in their life). Nancy is an animal communicator and is able to help animals understand the world around them, for example, when animals are facing surgery, she is often called in by Vets and Vet Techs to work with the animal before surgery providing him/her comfort and understanding of what will be happening. Nancy reported that this eases the animals anxiety. She is often called by pet parents to work with their pet before leaving on holidays, this is another time where animals face increased anxiety. Nanacy is able to provide a sense of stability, and help the pet understand what is going on so he/she can adapt easier to the temporary change in his/her family.

Animals are great connectors. For those of you reading this who have pets, you probably have noticed how quickly common ground can be found by talking about your pets with someone else, or that while outside walking your dog you meet people in the  neighborhood. Or, like in mine and Nancy's cases, our dogs often became the conversation in grocery store parking lots as our dogs sat in the driver's seat causing passerbys to take notice, and often start conversation with others around them as they pointed out the dog in the driver's seat. We met so many incredible people becuase of the pets we were blessed to have in our family.

Nancy also shared how animals can break down barriers... people just seem to become more comfortable, chatty and relaxed in the presecene of animals. We witnessed that firsthand wiht our Toby, especially when he was volunteering at the hospital. As he walked through the doors, his precense seemed to help patients engage in conversation with each other.

Understanding and communicating with pets requires us humans to be very present, so that we can hear and understand the message. It is usually pretty simple to understand, we just need to listen.  Nancy gave an example of one of her dogs who would communicate her need to take a break from computer work by climbing on her chair. Event 5 minutes of play and distraction was good for her dog, but GREAT for her. Her dog saw an energy shift and knew she needed a break before she knew it herself. Our dog Toby was notorious for pushing my chair on wheels away from the computer when he thought I needed a break. Funny thing. He was always right!!

What an interesting conversation.... what might your pet be trying to tell you?

Are you listening? 
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