Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dog Stories on the Radio

Animals are the topic of conversation around the world. Have you noticed that pets create such a wonderful topic for conversation with loved ones, and strangers. It is easy, comfortable and safe to talk about our pets. There seems to be no shortage of stories to share when it comes to pets.

As we traveled with our dog Toby, the star of our books On Toby's Terms and Toby The Pet Therapy Dog, on book and speaking tours, I enjoyed the stories that were shared with us.  One story that touched my heart was shared by a gentleman who's dog had escaped from their farm.  The family searched for weeks, put up posters, had notices in the papers, called shelters on a daily basis, and alerted every person they knew.  They had given up hope that their four legged family member would be found. One day the gentleman had to travel to a nearby community, about 30 miles away.  In a conversation with the shop owner, the topic of dogs came up. The gentleman shared his story about their missing dog and showed the shop owner a photo. The shop owner smiled and said "he's here!"  A local had taken the dog in after he showed up on their property. The "foster parent" had put up posters in that community, talked to everyone she knew and no one knew the dog's owners. The shop owner contacted the "foster parent" who was delighted to be part of this emotional reunion. The family doesn't know how the dog traveled 30 miles, but to be reunited after a few months, was incredible.  Although this happened a number of years ago, and their dog had passed away, the emotion in the man's voices was as if this happened yesterday.  I too was in tears listening to this heartwarming story... a story with a very happy ending.

At a bookstore event, a lady shared a story about her life as a child, she had a number of medical issues and her dog became her healer, companion and gave her strength to persist through the many medical procedures.

Pets give so much.... their stories connect people....

When we adopted Toby, we truly had no idea how he would impact (and change) our lives, touch the lives of people around the world, and become our teacher.  Nor did I know then that Toby's story would be shared on radio programs around the world.  Dr James Sutton interviewed me about Toby's story, you can listen to our conversations and stories here:

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