Tuesday, January 22, 2013


You are not an average 'dog-owner' and this is no ordinary blogpost

Savvy dog-lovers like yourself are a new breed, demanding change, discovering exciting new ways to educate yourself online and working together to make things better for all dogs.

The Indogo - Unleash Change FREE webinar is all about inspiring you to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your dog's health:
  • Discover revolutionary insights from nutrigenomic science to optimize your dog's diet
  • Explore the power of plant-based dietary choices for disease prevention, reduction and cure
  • Feel confident as you learn about the new, life-changing vaccination protocols for your dog
  • Learn how, together, we can overcome the canine thyroid epidemic that is killing our dogs
Through this FREE webinar you will enjoy unparallelled and unprecedented access to cutting edge research from leading experts in canine health and nutrition, including world-renowned veterinarian and research scientist W. Jean Dodds.

Sign up now and let everyone in the dog park know a revolution is coming and that you and your dog are part of it!


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