Saturday, September 28, 2013

Get Lost Pets Home Quickly and Safely

What would you do if you went out to your backyard to find your gate open and your dog gone?

Who would you call? 

Where would you start looking? 
Photo Credit: PetHub
These were the questions that Tom Arnold, of PetHub, and I talked about on a recent interview.  Tom stated that many people who are registered with PetHub find out their pet is missing from the phone call they receive, before they even check their back yard or house.  For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month, you can get your pet home quickly and safely when you register with PetHub. You can create a profile, and link the profile to the pets tag.

Getting your dog chipped is another important strategy however, Tom reported that in the US only about 5% of the pets are chipped with a microchip (that stores the dog's name and phone number and other essential information). And of the 5% of the pets who do have a chip, 58% of them have outdated information. The Pet HUB tags can be the store unit for the Rabies Vaccination number, the dog license and the critical data. 

One tag so your dog has to wear less bling, and less jingling on the water bowl.  
Photo Credit: Pet Hub

PetHub is generously giving our listeners a 10% discount, by applying the coupon code TOBY.

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