Saturday, September 28, 2013

Animal Shelter Fundraising

Animal Shelters require the support of volunteers, services and products in kind, donations, sponsorship and funding to provide a much needed and life saving service in communities.  Securing funds and sponsorship can be a challenge. Tim Crum of Animal Shelter Fundraising  joined us on PAWsitive Radio-All things Pets! to talk about tips for animal shelters and rescue organizations to successfully raise funds.
Tim Crum- Animal Shelter Fundraising. 

Tim stated that one of the growing trends is the number of shelters that are working on new buildings.
On the radio show Tim spoke about the importance of understanding sponsor etiquette and the set of requirements that sponsors have. Shelters that are building or remodeling their building to be more like a community and retail  venue are further ahead.  Some shelters have a retail store where they sell books, pet supplies, and gifts for animal lovers. Many also have a coffee shop or snack kiosk on site.  The shelters that create the images that they are a hub of resources and connection are further ahead, and, have a better likelihood of attracting corporate donors and sponsors. 

Tim suggested that one of the keys to corporate sponsorship success is to create an experience for the sponsor, the donor and visitors to the shelter. The other key is relationships.  

Fundraising is less about money and more about people and relationships. Tim reminded listeners that People adopt. People volunteer. People donate.  Make sure you manage this well.   

One tip for shelters and rescues is that every week, have board members call donors simply to share a story how their contribution made a difference and to say thank you.  Don’t ask for more money or longer commitment, just have a conversation and focus on the relationship. and

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