Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spokespup Toby the Dog films self on Go Pro Camera

What happens when you mix a Chesapeake Bay retirever, 800 students and, a Go Pro Camera?

A video that shows life through the dog's eyes!

Toby the dog was a spokespup at a recent bully prevention event Pink Shirt Days in Lac La Biche Alberta Canada. 

This video is a summary of his highlights and how he saw the event.  And, the incredible reactions from all the students and adults he met.

Pretty safe to safe to say that life through Toby's eyes is a pretty pawsome life.

Want to see more of Toby the dog and his GoPro self filmed footage?  Visit his You Tube Channel TeamTobyTV   We would love to you "LIKE" the videos you enjoy and post a comment. 

Also, find Toby on Facebook and Twitter:

PAWsitive Radio (all things Pets)


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