Monday, May 12, 2014

From the mouth of babes.... Kindness is the new cool!

Toby the dog here with another blog by a dog.

When you want to know what kindness really is.....

....Just go ask a few children..... the experts!

Children had great ideas about kindness that they have been sharing on our PAWS Across Canada Tour 
Kindness is (according to students):
  • saying nice things to others
  • helping your mom or dad
  • holding a door open
  • cleaning up the classroom
  • taking good care of your pets
  • being gentle with your baby sister
  • cleaning your toys when you are done
  • smiling at people
  • telling people they look nice
  • giving your dog water when he's thirsty
  • sharing your toys
  • picking up garbage
And the list went on... the get it!

We've partnered with Orange Dog Foundation for a grant through Field Law, so we can get our children's books into the schools that need them the most, continue the work we are doing around kindness, and to support a Freedom Flight, to save more dog's lives.  Your Vote Matters.  Simply visit

and scroll down to find out project Team Toby's PAWS Across Canada and click VOTE.  Simple and your vote makes a difference!

We appreciate your support.

To hear more fun stories about our PAWS Across Canada and tips from the mouths of babes, listen to mom's radio show here:

Thank you to our PAWS Across Canada Partners!  We love you guys.

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