Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PAWS Across Canada- the pet friendly adventure to build a kinder Canada

Toby the dog here..

Toby the dog with a blog... and his mom    www.TheOriginalTeamToby.com

It really does take a community to make a difference!

We have such a community of partners (I call the PAWtners!), champions and supporters for this tour.  42 days is the first leg of the tour, Alberta and BC.  

So far, we have presented at several schools, Rotary Clubs, community events, Boys & Girls Clubs, and stopped in at some pet friendly adventures and activities. 

 Wait until you see what's in store for us this week

 Doesn't this look like a PAWsome week?

SSSHHHHSSSHHHH.... can you keep a secret?

The Delta Kananaskis is going to be getting a Team Toby Tested Toby Approved Award.  They are SO pet friendly!

We got a room with a sliding door that went to a little patio and to the walking trails, easy access for lots of fun walks. And, they have a pet sitting service where you get to hang out with the staff (And they even play with you and take you for walks)

Again we want to shout out our partners on the PAWS Across Canada Tour, your support makes a difference!

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