Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cleaning up messes in dog parks and in business!

Toby the dog here

The world through my eyes.

 Photo Credit Team Toby

Blogs by dogs!

Messy cleanups are gross!

We feel bad and I know our humans get grossed out.

Mom's friend has the solution!

photo credit: Doggie Doo All

The Doggie Doo All is the first product from the Doo All Company LLC. Founded in 2013 by Lawrence Jordan and Laura Vorreyer, the Doo All Company's mission is to provide high quality solutions to everyday pet guardian problems.
They also PAW it Forward!   In keeping with the company's philosophy of "Doo-ing" good, a portion of their proceeds will be donated to animal rescues and shelters.    

Photo Credit: Doggie Doo All

Mom met Laura and Lawrence through Women in the Pet Industry Network, when they were at Total Pet Expo.
Founder, CEO: Ms. Vorreyer the inventor of the Doggie Doo All, is a experienced business owner and product developer and dog expert with a background in sales and marketing. In 2003 after many years in the corporate world, she founded her Los Angeles based pet care company "Your Dogs Best Friend". Ms Vorreyer has worked with hundreds of clients including an exclusive roster of Hollywood media executives and celebrities.
Check out mom's interview with Laura and Doggie Doo all here:
We LUV the Doggie Doo All!  
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