Saturday, November 1, 2014

Changing the world one dog bed at a time

Toby the dog here.

Yes.... I am a dog on a mission!

My humans and I are on a mission to build a kinder Canada one paw, one person at a time!  It's called PAWS Across Canada.

We meet the most PAWmazing people on our tour.

I'd like you to meet my new friend.  Maizie!

She is a 12 year old grade 8 student on a big mission.  She is changing the world through dog beds! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE what she is doing to change the world!

Here I am on the dog bed Maizie made.  Since we left Martensville SK, the bed and I have traveled to Saskatoon, Brandon and Winnipeg.  Have dog bed.....will travel!

These beds are made with LOVE!

When Maizie was in grade 7, a local girl from her school was accepting donations for a nonprofit animal rescue group. Maizie  had made  a few dog beds for family members the decided to give dog beds as a donation.   This decision was a 4 PAWS UP success!

Maizie carefully chooses the fabrics for the dog beds.

 You can see how I love the beds and settle right down on them.  I could hardly keep my eyes open, they are so comfy you just want to relax.

Maizie then started Doggy Naps, and she committed to donating part of the dog bed sale profits to the materials she needed to make beds for homeless dogs in rescues and shelters. For every three beds she sells, she donates one to a shelter or rescue.  Maizie has already donated 151 beds!!

Her beds are made with love and she does this purely to help provide dogs with comfort while they wait for their “forever”family.

Everyone in her family plays an important role in Doggy Naps. Even her friends and classmates have helped with this mission.   Mom interviewed her principal and it was clear that he was proud of how Maizie is making a difference in the world and learning incredible entrepreneurial skills.

To find out more about Doggy Naps, Maizie's incredible mission to change the world one dog bed at a time, and, to purchase a bed or donate one, please visit

More on Maizie in an upcoming blog.

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Thank you to our amazing Paws Across Canada tour Partners.  You have helped us make a PAWsome difference!

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