Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How a dog can inspire kindness and promote bully prevention

Toby the dog here!

I'm a dog with a blog

on a mission to make our world a kinder place... for people and animals!

Children are our leaders of the future.

What they see. Experience and Learn shapes the future.... Their future.

When I was on our PAWS Across Canada Kindness tour, we provided presentations to schools about 
 kindness, acceptance and respect.   Check out these students demonstrating kindness and respect to me...

This then ripples out of the presentation and into the school.

I gotta say....

Kids really paid attention to my story....and to my BARK (Be Accepting Respectful Kind) message.

Photo Credit Team Toby

Mom was talking to Sharon Sayler on Life Interrupted radio about dealing with bullying in schools and in workplaces, and what we can do about it.  You can listen to the show here

Here's a few tips mom suggested:

1.  Spend time talking in your family.  Drive time and dinner time are great moments to catch up with your children, role play how to deal with situations (like bullying) and talk about what's going on at school and at home.

2.  Put your best foot (or paw) forward.  Speak with respect.  Listen with interest.  Accept without judgement.  That's what mom teaches in her workshops for businesses. 

3.  Teach children how to be a good friend.

4.  Just be kind!

Share your comments about how we can build a kinder world for humans and animals.

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