Sunday, March 6, 2011

Toby Goes to School

I LOVE going to School! I don’t mean dog school, I mean elementary school. There is nothing like watching the expressions of children entering the gym or library and seeing me, Toby the dog, smiling back at them. Their response is PAWsome – I hear gleeful comments “A Dog!” or “Ah, he’s so cute!” or “That’s Toby!”
One of my most memorable greetings was when I arrived at a school at recess time. One little girl dressed in her pink snow suit, pink hat and pink boots, came to the fence and shouted “Toby’s Here!” with that, some 75 other students ran to the fence to greet me. Talk about feeling like a four legged star.
The students helped Charmaine and Christopher carry in our supplies, and then I got to play fetch with the students at recess. It was any dogs dream---children, the Kong and laughter!

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