Thursday, March 3, 2011

From The Mouth of Babes

Over the past few months we have met close to 2000 students in the schools that Charmaine and I have presented at (well she does the talkin’ and I do the barkin’). There have been some PAWsome questions that the children have asked about me such as:

• What’s the worst thing Toby ever did?
• Will Toby play himself in the movie?
• What does Toby do when he meets someone from a different country?
• How does Toby tell an adult if he is afraid or lonely?
• What makes Toby feel sad?
• What would Toby do if he saw a cat?
• Does Toby ever have bad dreams?

This week when presenting at a school, I started barking up a storm during the question and answer period. I was so barky I had to go for a time out ( a bark break). The students thought it was pretty interesting that I am not PAWfect, and sometimes need a break or a time out, like they might need from time to time. Life is not about being PAWfect, it is about living and being you (impawfections and all!).

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