Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leaving Your Mark On The World

During my book tours, public appearances and events, I have met the most PAWsome people. I have enjoyed listening to Charmaine and Christopher talk to folks about their pets, life changing moments and PAWsitive things people are doing to create their legacy and make a difference in the world.

When we present to schools (and we have presented to more than 6,700 students this year), which I LOVE, we always invite the students to join me on the Toby Mission- to make our world a kinder, happier place. We have had more than 5,000 students supPAWt me on this mission and many students have later told us how they PAWed Kindness Forward to others. These students are leaving their mark on the world.

I also met a group of elementary school aged students at the school Charmaine’s mom works at, who had written some beautiful stories, and the school published the book. It was an honour to present to this talented group of students.

Another favorite is Tommy, a grade two student in Oceanside who inspired Charmaine to write another book. Get this, he is in grade two, and he has written a book (and illustrated it), and has a dream to make his book a movie. I can’t wait till I get to read Tommy’s book, and watch his movie. This youngster will make it happen, I know it!

Check out my video leaving my mark on the world…. A PAWdograph in my books.

So today, I challenge you to think about how you can leave your mark on the world?

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