Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FUNdraising is PAWsome!

Just when I thought nothing could be better than an event, I get to present to another school. Yesterday mom and I had the PAWmazing opportunity to present at South Oceanside school.
When I PAWed in, there were 500 Kindergarten to grade 6 students waiting for me. I barked out a big hello and did a happy dance for all of them. I love kids! We told them about the lessons I have learned, and can teach others, about kindness, friendship, patience and literacy. All the kids were absPAWlutely PAWtastic! They asked me questions, which I happily barked my answers to, and did their own happy dances. It was PAWsome!
Mom tells me the reason we were there was to help the school fundraise for their library. As a matter of fact, tomorrow we are going to be at Barnes & Noble in Oceanside on Vista Way. The store is going to donate a portion of the proceeds from the books sold to the school. Isn't that tail waggin' PAWtastic? Just thinking about it makes me want to do another happy dance............awww, that's better!
You know what makes these events the best experiences for me? It the moments where little girls approach us and say, "I love Toby. I want to do good stuff like he does for the world." That is Four PAWS down the most PAWtastic and tail wagging moment right there.
I can't wait to tell you about the fundraiser tomorrow!