Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Workout Assistance

I love doggy treadmills! They are the most PAWsome way to get my exercise when the weather gets too cold for Chris and Charmaine to be outside for too long.

I go to K9 Awareness for my treadmill time. A big high PAW for Kaytie Stack! Thanks to her help I have a job, a purpose, and a treadmill. Do you use a treadmill at your gym? I love the feeling of freedom when I'm running. Best of all, I don't get in trouble for going too far away from my PAWrents because I'm not really going anywhere. It still makes me feel so good just to be moving though. Since there is a doggy daycare there too, I also get to meet so many new FURiends whenever I visit. There are also lots of less furry friends for Chris and Charmaine to visit with while they wait for me to finish my run.

Everyone, furry or not, needs to get exercise. It helps keep our minds focused and our bodies healthy. Plus, it may help get rid of the extra energy it takes to empty a closet or tip over furniture...

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