Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4 PAWS Up for Silver Paws

4 PAWS Up for Silver Paws

Doggie Daycares were one of our Toby's favorite places to be. Dogs...Toys...People.... Stimulation.... Treats  all in one place. We found that Dog Daycares were a great way to social Toby, provide him with additional exercise, and be with other dogs.  We were honored when Sandi asked Toby to be her guest of honor at their grand opening. He had such a great time, we had to bribe him to the car at the end of the day. 

Sandi Strause owner of Silver Paws with Toby at their Grand Opening

 Silver Paws Dog Day Care also carries Toby's books in their store.

"Bring your dog to Silver Paws Dog Daycare & Training while you are away at work and bring home a satisfied, relaxed, content dog at the end of the day.Socialization is a key component to having a balanced dog. Dogs are social beings, they need to be with other dogs.  At Silver Paws your dog will have lots of activities, interactions with other dogs and our qualified staff, and be under constant supervision."

Silver Pawa has over 3000 square foot play area has solid rubber floor to avoid joint strain. They clean and sanitize every day to ensure the health of your dog while he is here. There is also a fenced secure area outdoors for the dogs to potty, so as not to undo any training they have.  Their staff LOVES dogs! And they always say "your beloved pet will get lots of hugs and kisses and attention all day. Your dog deserves the BEST!

          Thank you Silver Paws for being a champion for Toby and his legacy!!
Silver Paws
Dog Daycare & Training

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