Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fussy Pooch Approved Snacks


Rita started Sparky Snacks... a business inspired by her special dog Sparky.  Her newest member to the family, Max, also has some treats named after him.

What has your dog inspired you to do?

Exercise more?
Play more?
Get involved with dog organizations?
Volunteer together at a hospital?
Write a book about your furry friend?

Rita's dog Sparky inspired her to start a business, making healthy dog treats he could eat while undergoing treatment for cancer.  

With extensive research, and taste testing, she created some recipes that were healthy, Sparky loved, didn't upset his tummy, and that every other dog who tried the treats, loved them as well. Her PAWducts are all healthy and natural ingredients and dog approved.

You can listen to PAWsitive Radio now and hear Rita talk more about the PAWducts, Sparky's story, the events she is involved with and the types of ingredients she uses for her fussy pooch approved treats.

Visit Rita at www.sparkysnacks.ca

You can stay in touch with Team Toby on Facebook    Twitter    Pinterest  

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