Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Benfits of Music Going to the Dogs... literally

Music has always been an important part of my life, and I have noticed how music can also be soothing, relaxing and calming to animals. And it is going to the dogs... literally.. in a great way!

My friend  Justin Hines  is an incredible songwriter, musician and philanthropist, and I am delighted to announce that he is making his way to our province on his upcoming Vehicle of Change Tour  in September. On September 8, Justin will perform in Edmonton, and the concert benefits two incredible organizations Chimo Animal Assisted Therapy   and
The Society for Safe and Caring Schools & Communities 

Justin Hines' music inspired me while I was writing Toby's books...You can see the love in Toby the dog's eyes as he got to hang out with his music hero, Justin Hines.

To find out more about the organizations benefitting from this event visit: www.chimoproject.ca and

To order tickets, visit 

 Recently I had the chance to talk about the upcoming event on PAWsitive Radio- All Things Pets!     You can listen to the show and the news about the concert, the organizations and how dogs will be involved with the event at:

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