Monday, August 26, 2013

Sit Happens!

Here I am Toby Jr... the first Ambassadog for Team Toby
Time for me to write some of these blogs!  Right from the dog's mouth.... the world as I see it!

Sit happens!  

You can see on my face the surprise when my pet parent said "Toby. Sit." and I did! I even shocked myself. This was in my first week of being adopted by my FURever family.  You can probably tell I'm a fast learner.

My pet parents have been working pretty hard on my training.  My motivator is the Kong not dog treats.

Part of training us furry family members is being consistent, finding what makes us tick, and, using the same key words.  

"Sit" is pretty easy as most folks say "sit" or "sit down". But geesh ... once you get into trying to make us focus... that's where it all goes downhill!  "Toby Look", "Toby, here. Watch!", "Focus", "Toby, what's this?"  Pick a word... we're okay with one word sentences.

Our trainer (who is really for my pet parents, not me) is Gila from Dog Is Good
and she is teaching my pet parents to use the same word.  They've narrowed it down to "look" and "focus" so I am pretty much acing that command now. 

Consistency is important when we are learning but Gila reminded my pet parents to shake it up every now and then, so now when we are playing with the Kong, they use different commands. Sometimes they get me to "sit" and then "go play" or "take it".  Other times they say "heel" then I get to fetch.  This is keeping me on my toes ... gotta listen as don't know which command they'll use.  My pet mom said "Wow. You can really see him thinking and listening."  

"Duh!  I want the Kong, but most of all I love to make my pet parents happy!"

Playing fetch is as much fun for me as it is for them.... it really is quality time.

What are you doing this week to spend quality time with your pet?  Please share your comments on the activities you love to do with your pet, what motivates your pet, and how much your pet rocks!

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