Sunday, June 8, 2014

PAWS Across Canada- Toby visits Boys & Girls Club Fort McMurray

Well, here I am.... another blog by a Dog!
Toby here... and here's the latest from our PAWS Across Canada Tour.

Photo Credit: Team Toby (C. Hammond)

We are on a mission to build a kinder Canada one paw one person at a time! Our first stop on the trip was Fort McMurray! Mom and dad actually lived there for about 15 years, mom started her business there.  There were lots of friends to see and events to participate in.

Photo Credit and Team Toby
The children were so excited to meet me that they made me a great gift!

The children also drew pictures about what kindness means to them, here are a few.  The kids totally get it!  

Great ideas about kindness to pets and treating pets as family members!

They were so excited to give mom all the pictures to take with us. 

Here are a few ideas that they said about kindness and how to be change makers in the world:

  1. Say nice things to people
  2. Play nice and fair
  3. Take care of your pets
  4. Give pets water, food and play with them
  5. Help people, and help your family
  6. Ask people to play if they are lonely!

We appreciate the support our event hosts, and our partners who have joined us in making a PAWsitive difference:

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