Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Travelling with your pets... preparing for anything that could happen on the adventure!

A few words from my office... the computer of Toby!

Hey! There's a monkey on my keyboard!

One of mom and dad's highlights during the Fort McMurray leg of the tour was hearing Chris Hadfield's presentation.
Mom's big highlight was when Chris said "prepare for what could go wrong!"

Meanwhile she had been super sick for the first week of the tour. She lost her voice. Felt awful. And finally.... went to the clinic (thanks Chris Hadfield for the nudge!) 

Good news.... no pneumonia.

One of the things that can get in the way of a pet friendly adventure is the pets or humans getting sick.  Mom went to the medi-centre and saw the doctor and is finally better.

We have a PAWSome First Aid Kit, from Sunny Dog Inc. which we LUV!

Our partners at Petland Canada gave some great tips about traveling with pets during summer and warmer months:

- frequent water and stretch breaks (for us pets and for our human family members)
- don't leave pets in the vehicle, see Petland's No Hot Pets campaign
- keep consistent routines for your pet when traveling
- start off with shorter trips

And I have a Rein Coat to wear not only in the rain, but also if I get anxious....

So like Mr Hadfield says... "prepare for what could go wrong" when you travel with your pets.

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Big thanks to our PAWSome partners:

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