Monday, August 11, 2014

Island Living with your Dog! A pet friendly travel adventure

Hi! Toby the dog here. Yup! I'm a dog with a blog.

Just like my human friends, sometimes I get writer's block. But not today. I'm living on an island and loving it.

My pet parents sold our lake front home to move to the ocean.  Since we can't move into our new place in Vancouver until October, we are living on an island (Thetis Island) in the Gulf Islands, BC Canada and it is PAWSome!!

Here we are arriving on the ferry to Thetis Island.

Here I am checking out the ferry, I really wanted to dive into the water...good thing there's a fence to stop me.

Every day we get to walk down to the ocean to pick blackberries and go swimming. that's the best part.

Mom loves how many "treasures" she finds on the beach.

I love playing on the beach.

Dad loves picking blackberries...


We all love the sunsets here.

Here are three things mom learned about island living... lessons taught be a dog (ME!)

Island Lesson #1- Take time to meet the locals.

Island Lesson #2- Take time to play, enjoy the beauty and just soak it all up.

Island Lesson #3-Try new things! New adventures.

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