Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Building great collaborations and events

Toby the dog here.

I've got a nose for detail.

And have my own blog.

Today mom did her PAWsitive Radio show and she talked to Margo Bates, author, and president of Canadian Authors Association, Vancouver Branch.

Margo and her team partnered with Vancouver Public Library (VPL) to have mom speak at the VPL during our PAWS Across Canada tour.  She said it was a great example of collaboration and partnerships.

Mom has a 5 step model for collaborations, she uses it all the time in the work I help her with, and also with our PAWmazing PAWtners that support Team Toby.

G- Goals
S- Strategy
P- Plan
A- Action

Here's a tip from me for you humans... when you want someone to collaborate with you....say... ummmm.... play fetch, just put all your toys in a pile in their path.  They almost always stop to play (or trip over them), but typically they stop and play.

Check out the conversation with Margo Bates, and mom's tips on collaborating in business here.   Please share with others you think might enjoy it.

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