Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dogs, sports and fun! Sports you can enjoy with your pet.

Here I am!
Toby the dog.
A dog with a blog.

What activities and sports does your dog love?

I love.....

Playing Fetch!




Water sports....

And I can wait to try Dock Diving next!

Mom talked to  Heather McLeod the president of Ruffsport.  

She is Sport Mutt certified and trains with using her positive training program. This program focus's on being positive rather than being permissive.

Heather is going to be on my PAWSitive Radio show where she'll be talking about the
benefits of positive training, how to prepare yourself and your pet for sports activities, and how to build trust and effective communication with your dog so that the sport activity is fun for everyone!

Did you know that participating in sports with your dog is not only great exercise and fun?  It also helps build a stronger animal human bond, improves trust and confidence, and allows the dog to continue learning and developing skills.

I can't wait to try dock-diving and Frisbee.  I think I'll be pawsome at both.

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  1. Hi there
    We love Positive training, Fit Dogs and sports and we love Heather. She is in our Doc and TV episode "Fit Dogs Rock!" on the Pet Network. You look awesome. You should join our Fit Dog Friday Blog Hop Group and share your activities. I"ll check out the radio show! best Talent Hounds

  2. nice!!! :) gonna do this with HUNTER (my dog) thanks for sharing.