Monday, September 15, 2014

What pets can teach us about healing, loss and moving forward.

Photo Credit: Charmaine Hammond, Team Toby
Guess who?

It's me Toby.

A dog with a blog.

Photo Credit Charmaine Hammond
Just like the T-shirt says.... we animals help you humans LIVE, LOVE and LEARN!

Dealing with the loss of a pet is tough...

Mom talked to grief expert Marybeth Haines on our PAWSitive Radio Show. 

Marybeth Haines empowers people to make choices that promote action, personal growth and healing.

As a grief consultant and educator, Marybeth’s specialized focus is providing support in pet bereavement. She holds the strong belief that pets can teach people many things about life and so can the grief associated with their death. The pain of such a loss can be debilitating for many people. However, people can recover and Marybeth’s passion is helping them move beyond loss. Her work focuses on practical and supportive strategies for coping during this difficult time. 
She wrote a book!
She talks about the 7 Effective Tools for healing through the loss of a pet:
  -    Recognition
-        Permission
-        Learning
-        Personal Empowerment
-        Receiving Guidance
-        Taking Action
-        Gifts of Many

Her fave quote is “Pets come into our lives to bring us many gifts. It is when we open our eyes fully, that we can then truly see the magic that each gift brings."

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